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This is the home page.

About me:

I play and write music, having first picked up a balalaika at the age of 6, taught myself guitar in my teens, and studied Popular Music and Recording at Salford University. I have played in bands that have performed at most small venues in Manchester at one time or another.

I am currently the musical director of the Kalinka Youth Balalaika Orchestra, the only Russian music orchestra in the United Kingdom (we think). Having first played in the orchestra at the age of 8 (or 9), I progressed to become lead player for a time, before 'graduating' to become a helper when I left school.

I like to take photographs. I started out with a trusty Olympus OM-1 while still at school. I still have this, though now I mainly use my Fuji X-T3.

I have been learning basic html, css and javascript and have been using this to make this website!